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Internal audit is an essential component of a good governance framework for all public institutions as a key mechanism to assist institutions to manage risks and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Audit committee guidelines

The Public Finance Management Act 2012 (Section 73(5) provides that ”Every national government public entity shall establish an audit committee whose composition and functions shall be as prescribed by the regulations.”

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Quality Assurance & Improvement

The Internal Auditor General Department has quality assurance and improvement programs which are designed to determine whether the audit unit’s internal quality control system

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Information systems audit

As part of ongoing reforms round internal audit, realigning the functioning of internal audit along best practice guidelines issues by the Public Sector Accounting Standards Board …

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Forensic Audits

Forensic engagements involve a thorough examination of pertinent documents initiated to prove or disprove that a crime has been or is being committed. A Forensic investigation involves studying all the subject’s financial transactions over a specified period for signs / evidence of wrong-doing.

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Internal Audit regulations, guidelines

This sector is responsible for coordinating the Implementation of Institutional Risk Management Policy Framework in the public sector.

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Promoting IRMPF

We are responsible for promoting government-wide risk management and providing public sector management with consulting services in development and implementation of Institutional Risk Management Policy Frameworks (IRMPF) to improve the overall government operations.

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