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Our Mandate

IAGD is an independent review function set up within the Civil Service as stipulated in Section 73 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012. Its key mandate includes:

  • Reviewing the governance mechanisms of the entity and mechanisms for transparency and accountability with regard to the ļ¬nances and assets of the entity;
  • Conducting risk-based, value-for-money and systems audits aimed at strengthening internal control mechanisms that could have an impact on achievement of the strategic objectives of the entity;
  • Verifying the existence of assets administered by the entity and ensuring that there are proper safeguards for their protection;
  • Providing assurance that appropriate institutional policies and procedures and good business practices are followed by the entity; and
  • Evaluating the adequacy and reliability of information available to management for making decisions with regard to the entity and its operations.

The department is headed by the Internal Auditor General (IAG), who is assisted by a team of Internal Auditors of various ranks, from Audit Examiner to Deputy Internal Auditor General (DIAG). The IAG reports to the Principal Secretary in charge of the National Treasury.

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