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Internal Audit Value Propositions

Below is a summary of qualities that the department will strive to attain for quality service delivery.

Internal Auditors will seek to provide effective internal audit services and:

  • Conform to the Professional Practices Framework of the Institute of Internal Auditors;
  • Meet the function’s obligations contained in the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 and Public Finance Management Regulations;
  • Have a clear methodology for its work which supports the PFMA/R;
  • Collect performance measurement data for use in improving the function’s efficiency, measuring its impact on the organization and benchmarking itself against other internal audit services;
  • Have a quality assurance and improvement programme in place that covers all aspects of the internal audit activity; and
  • Undergo an external quality review of the service at least every five years, the scope of which must be agreed by and results communicated to the Accounting Officer/AIE Holder and the Audit Committee

As a high performing internal audit service, internal audit will:

  • Understand and keep abreast of the increasing complexity of the relevant area of public service delivery;
  • Seek to be respected, taken seriously and to have strong relationships with key stakeholders within the Government, built on credibility, strong communication skills and relevant experience;
  • Provide advice and recommendations at all stages of the business cycle, driving and influencing decision making, not just providing retrospective assurance;
  • Ensure its independence and will have procedures in place to manage any potential conflicts of interest;
  • Provide relevant, effective, evidence-based and pragmatic advice and recommendations and robust conclusions, drawing on experience of best practice to help improve public service delivery; and
  • Ensure that recommendations, which address their findings, are implemented in line with agreed timescales.

As a high performing internal audit service, internal auditors will:

  • Focus their work on where assurance is most needed, but ensuring sufficient assurance to support the governance statement; and
  • Apply a risk-based approach to setting their internal audit plan, but also ensure sufficient coverage is provided of core systems and there is flexibility to meet key emerging issues.

Internal Auditors will:

  • Avoid duplication of effort with other assurance providers; and
  • Ensure the best value is received from the resources available.